Covid-19 information

Although the lock-down is initially for four weeks, even if the best outcomes prevail, life will not return to normal when it's over. Let's look for an improved society (ironic how much closer we are given the lack of physical closeness) which builds on our combined strengths, fosters our individual abilities and cares for our individual needs. As for our doomsayers - let's not succumb to the conspiracy theories, while recognising there may be potential truth among their prophecies of doom.

There's so much out there about coronavirus - but so much conflicting information and views. What is dependable? This is simply my summary of where to find information. A lot of government web sites - but some third party sites where they add value.

The official website is the place to start - but being put together in such a hurry can be hard to find what you want, and is not updated as fast as needed.

Ministry of Heath covid-19 information.

WINZ covid-19 information.

Ministry of Education covid-19 information.

Coronavirus information for businesses.

Private sites

Spinoff's overview has a really easy summary of the cold, the flue and covid.

Businesses surviving provides a useful tool to analyse which businesses will dive, which survive and which will thrive.


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Last modified: 24 November 2020.